Some random stuff that I'd like to share for no real good reason.

Jun, 2024
Something new that I learnt?
The loading spinner on computers is called a "Throbber"

Gimme a second, my computer is throbbing is a perfectly valid sentence.

Something I played?
Stardew Valley

Have been playing this a ton with Jermaine. We were absolutely hooked for a few days and blitz through the early game.

Currently at the start of year 3, at the point where we make too much money to know what to do with it and we're just mostly decorating the farm.

What am I thinking about?
Felt kinda stressed in the latter half of the month

A combination of increased responsibility, higher expectations, and the feeling of just not being able to deliver led to some bad days.

An extremely supportive girlfriend, good friends, and empathetic coworkers and I'm now feeling much better. The stress was mostly self-inflicted, and I learnt to be kinder to myself and be ok with missing deadlines sometimes.

What song is on repeat?

Wait this song has crack in it fr.

Something I read?

If you can't easily explain why something is difficult, then it's incidental complexity, which is probably worth addressing.

I think the whole article was a good read, but this particular quote caught my attention.

As a junior engineer, I do often feel like things are difficult to implement because I'm overwhelmed by the scope of what I think needs to be accomplished. But as with any problem, breaking it down into smaller, more manageable pieces is key.

Something I did this month?
Bought a lockpicking set

Idk. It was extremely random. I've watched the Lockpicking Lawyer for some time and always found it interesting — suddenly decided to check out his site, and he sells a basic kit for like 15 bucks so I figured why not.