Some random stuff that I'd like to share for no real good reason.

Jan, 2024
Something new that I learnt?

Apparently, a newborn has around 100 more bones than an adult (300 vs 206). Bones fuse together as a baby grows up.

More bone fun facts:
Part with most bones: hand (27 bones)
Longest bone: femur
Smallest bone: stapes (located deep in the ear)

Something I watched?
Singles Inferno 3

I really can't stand Gwan Hee, but damn he really was the star of the show. Don't understand why all the girls in the show were fawning over him, he just strikes me as so extremely narcissistic, self-centered, immature and has such a fragile ego.

But damn he definitely gave the show the drama it needed.

What am I thinking about?
Cali is sooo expensive

Furniture, cars, rent — these big ticket items have been really painful on the wallet. We've eaten out less than 10 times in the last month because of how expensive it is. We've been cooking a lot though which has been fun and honestly I'd say we're doing pretty well for ourselves.

What song is on repeat?

It's a really sweet song with a beautiful music video.

Something I read?
prologue: all's well that ends well to end up with you

Jermaine left me the sweetest gift before I left, she wrote me 12 letters (1 for each month I'd be gone), and each one is inspired by a different Taylor Swift lyric.

Something I did this month?
On exchange!

It's a big month, flew off on 11th of Jan for the States.

Since then it's been a flurry of activities: settling housing (we got an unfurnished house, it was hectic and sad at the start — I didn't have a bed the first night, but it's really shaping up now), getting cars, setting up bank accounts, cooking, cleaning, chores, groceries.

'Adulting', as they call it.