Some random stuff that I'd like to share for no real good reason.

May, 2024
Something new that I learnt?
If you type PRIDE on the first row on google sheets, it changes the color of the cells to a rainbow gradient.
Something I watched?
Jujutsu Kaisen

Been watching it every night with my housemates. Halfway through Season 2. It's good but not great imo, at least for the amount of hype it got.

What am I thinking about?
'What kind of person do you want to be?'

I'm not sure why but recently I've been asking myself this question quite a lot. Not in a "deep, philosophical, self-reflection" way, but more in day-to-day life when I'm feeling lazy and unproductive. I find it's been good motivation — signed up for a gym membership and have been easing into running.

What song is on repeat?
The Tortured Poets Department

Have been playing the album on repeat as background music while working and it's been growing on me. Jermaine says a lot of the lyrics don't make sense and maybe thats true but honestly as background music it's been great.

Something I read?
Designing Data-Intensive Applications

Have always wanted to read this book but it's been collecting dust on my shelf. Wonderfully, Harmonic started an Eng Book Club, with a weekly discussion going chapter by chapter.

Something I did this month?
Company offsite!

First every company offsite, in Austin. It was definitely an experience. I've never felt so much conviction in a company before, and everyone was very nice. Overwhelming at times though, too many new people.