Some random stuff that I'd like to share for no real good reason.

Oct, 2023
Something new that I learnt?
SD Cards can be LOCKED 🔒

The first time I saw a lock/unlock on an SD card was a micro-to-SD card converter. All this while I thought it was to lock the micro sd card from falling OUT. Turns out it's to lock the card from being written to 🤯

Something I watched?
The Devil's Plan

A Korean reality game show where contestents face off in games of wit. Was fairly entertaining and the games are actually quite tough (the explanations of the game is extremely boring). Bought the jail-puzzles... solved only one so far...

What am I thinking about?
Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.
- Aldous Huxley

Read this article titled Expectations and Reality. Resonates with me more than ever, surrounded by all the job/internship-hunting talk.

I am 23 & blessed. And I better remember that.

What song is on repeat?

1989 (Taylor's Version)! It's... alright. The Vault tracks aren't all they were hyped it to be, imo. Maybe they'll slowly grow onto me, but for now, Speak Now reigns supreme.

Something I read?
The Great Reclamation

A fictional account of boy born into a fishing village and growing up through Singapore's rapid modernisation. The novel heavily revolves around the idea of change — its inevitability, its promises of a better future, and those that are left behind.

Written very beautifully, and gave me greater appreciation of Singapore, yet yearn for the olden days which I never knew.

Something I did this month?

Android to iOS: a lifelong andrioid user, took the plunge with the new Type-C iPhones. So far... its been ok, I think both ecosystems have matured significantly that the differences are not as stark as they used to be. I remember jailbreaking and tweaking my iPhone 4. Now, it's just a phone to do phone-y things.

Kindle to Kobo: birthday gift from Jermaine. She took over my kindle and we've been having cafe reading dates.

Sony to Fuji: got a used XT30. Big upgrade over the ZV-E10, I really love the feel of the Fuji. The film recipes are 👨‍🍳🤌 as well.