Some random stuff that I'd like to share for no real good reason.

Feb, 2023
Something new that I learnt?
Algorithms & Computation Structures

Algorithms: data structures, complexities & efficient code.

Computation Structures: how a computer works, from logic gates to a basic CPU.

I've long bemoaned that the power of abstraction and high level languages meant that these under-the-hood concepts are a waste of time to learn — and I still mostly stand by that, but it's still honestly quite cool to learn. Can't believe I'm typing these words after complaining about these 2 modules all term.

Something I watched?

First show with my girlfriend. Quite enjoyable show overall. Went viral which meant that I had a good time discussing it with friends. Quite motivational honestly, time to hit the gym. 💪🏼

Ending got a little bit tainted in light of all the recent drama though. And tbh I wish there were less group challenges and that they were more fair - like maybe a point-based system or something.

What am I thinking about?
Life is just better when you have someone to share it with.

What Who am I thinking about?

It's an amazing feeling to always have someone to talk to and share the most stupid and mundane of things. She's absolutely adorable, genuinely brightens up my day and I just love spending time with her. I'm really so proud of her.

What song is on repeat?
I've never known someone like you
Tangled in love stuck by you
From the glue
Don't forget to kiss me
Or else you'll have to miss me
Something I Read?

It's wild to me how someone can write code that's being used by millions of websites and multi-billion dollar companies and not get paid an average developer's salary.

Absolutely crazy what this guy has endured over the years. Being an OSS maintainer seems like an absolutely thankless job 99.9% of the time.

Something I did this month?
Time really be flying

February went by in a blur. Maybe cause it's only 28 days. Let's see, in no particular order: celebrated Valentine's day; received the longest, most amazing letter; wrote my longest letter; bought bitebook.app; made curry katsu; pitched bitebook; sent my first LinkedIn DM; got matching lego bracelets;