Some random stuff that I'd like to share for no real good reason.

Apr, 2024
Something new that I learnt?
A stingray's stinger is at the base of its tail
- Monterey Bay Aquarium

I always thought it was at the tip of the tail. But it's actually at the base, and it's a modified scale that's covered in a toxic venom.

Stingrays are also surprisingly soft and super smooth. There's a touchpool in the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Something I watched?
Three Body Problem

Really really loved the books — was very pleasantly surprised by how good the adaption was. Loved seeing the story come to life, and it's good for people who've never read the books as well — Jermaine was extremely invested and kept asking for spoilers 🧐

Also: Book of Mormon with Jermaine in New York.

What am I thinking about?
Blessed like fr
I have a really good life. Gotta remember that. I've got a wonderful family, amazing partner, great friends, working a fulfilling job. I'm healthy, I'm happy, I'm safe. I'm really blessed.
What song is on repeat?
The Tortured Poets Department

Not really a fan to be honest. Nothing super catchy and made me sleepy while driving.

To be fair though, I haven't properly sat down and listened to the entire album, and maybe its one of those that slowly grow on you.

Something I read?
Not much reading this month

😅 Still stuck on Mythical Man Month... It's been quite slow reading and I don't feel like I've learnt a lot so far.

Something I did this month?

Aw man it was an amazing 3.5 weeks. We visited New York for a weekend, and then had a long road trip with Yong Lin & Cephas, where we visited Yosemite, Vegas, Grand Canyons, LA, San Diego.